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March 17, 2010

National March 2010 Newsletter

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News and Information
-March 16, 2010-

Constitution Party Nominee, Randall Hinton, Offers Major Challenge in Utah’s
2nd Congressional District Race!

Randall Hinton Announces Candidacy in State Capitol

Randall Hinton, who makes the compelling campaign argument, “We must stop consuming our children’s future!” is one of a growing number of excellent candidates who are stepping forward to run for office all across the nation on the Constitution Party ticket in 2010. To watch Randall Hinton announce his campaign, as covered by the local media, please go to For complete Hinton campaign coverage you are encouraged to visit the homepage of his excellent campaign website at:

The fact that candidates of the quality and energy of Randall Hinton are representing the Constitution Party across America in 2010 is just more evidence that, after years of sacrifice and development, the Constitution Party is ready for prime time!

Good luck to Randall Hinton in his campaign in Utah’s 2nd District! He deserves your financial support no matter where in this great land you live!


Alabama Constitution Party Slates Major
Meeting In Birmingham; Public Invited!

Alabama CP State Chairman, Joshua Cassity, announces the Constitution Party of Alabama’s 2010 Winter Meeting to be held at Lloyd’s Restaurant 5301 Highway 280 in Birmingham, AL 35242 on March 20, 2010. This a major Constitution Party event in Alabama. It is scheduled to commence at 11AM and conclude at 2PM so try not to be late. This meeting is open to the state party members, friends and the general public. EVERYONE who lives in or has family, friends, associates or acquaintances who live in Alabama are urged to let them know about this critical CP event in the Heart of Dixie.

The state party organization will be organizing several subcommittees that will manage and oversee different strategic areas of importance to the state party. Please consider attending this important meeting and volunteering your skills and knowledge. If you wish to participate in the Constitution Party of Alabama and help us continue to grow, this is a meeting you do not want to miss. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitant to ask.

The restaurant staff has requested to be provided a rough estimate of the number of guests we are expecting. It is very important that you call or email us to let us know you are coming. Please RSVP with John Bailey at or call Joshua Cassity. The only requirement from the restaurant is that everyone who attends purchases a meal or drink. No other charge.

The Alabama Constitution Party isn’t just “talking the talk,” it is “walking the walk,” meaning that it is giving Alabamians a real choice by running candidates for office. Pictured below (I hope) is David Walter,, the Constitution Party’s candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District.

David Walter pictured (above) in car at recent parade on the campaign trail, reports “We had a great time in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Mardi Gras parades.” Good luck to David and the entire Alabama CP on their upcoming meeting and 2010 ballot access petition drive.


Darrell Castle To Address Pennsylvania
Constitution Party State Convention,
March 27th, in Carlisle!

Darrell Castle campaigningto “END THE FED” in 2008

Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party’s most recent Vice-Presidential nominee was an indefatigable campaigner 2008 and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down since the election. He has taken his “solution- oriented” message on monetary policy (he often speaks at END THE FED rallies), health care, foreign policy and other key issues to groups all across the country on behalf of the Constitution Party. One of the most sought after speakers in the Constitution Party, Castle will be in Carlisle, PA on March 27, 2010 to speak at the banquet of Constitution Party of Pennsylvania State Convention which will start at 5:30PM at the location listed below.

Castle, who has a very successful law practice in Memphis, Tennessee and serves as Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party’s National Committee, will be joining the party’s National Chairman, Jim Clymer, of Lancaster, at the event. Clymer will give a briefing on the Constitution party’s activities and development across the country. (Hint: It looks to be the most active and exciting election year in the 18 year history of the party!)
Also addressing the PA state Convention, at the end of the business session, will be Tim Cox, the nationally known founder of the Get Out Of Our House organization. Mr. Cox has appeared on a number of national news programs including Lou Dobbs, Fox and Friends and others. The following link is an interview video wherein Mr. Cox explains the purpose and goals of his organization:
The location for the convention will be the Hotel Carlisle & Embers Convention Center located at 1700 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle PA 17015. The phone number for the hotel is (800) 692-7315. Registration for the meeting, which includes the banquet, is $35 per person and $50 per couple.

To make arrangements to attend, please call Danielle Warren at 717-390-1993. All are welcome to attend, although only paid up members of the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania will have voting privileges at the State Convention.

The State Convention proceedings will commence at 2:00 P.M. and will be preceded by a State Executive Committee Meeting at 12:00 Noon. As noted above, the banquet will begin at 5:30PM

The primary business of the State Convention will be to nominate statewide candidates (this year being Governor, Lt. Governor and US Senator) and congressional and state legislative candidates and to make plans for the petition campaign to put the party’s nominees on the ballot. Also on the agenda will be the election of national committee members and officers of the party’s state committee for the next two years.


Tennessee’s CP Entry In The 1st Congressional
District Race, Kermit Steck, Speaks Eloquently
For The Rights Of the Unborn!

“It never ceases to amaze me, declared Tennessee Constitution Party Congressional 1st District hopeful, Kermit Steck, in statement assessing health care arguments, how all those who scream for rights of people are the same ones that want to deny the right of life to the yet-to-be born with detectable brain activity at 30 days after conception…what about all the associated after abortion health care costs considering the abortion-breast-cancer link. How come nobody is talking about the costs associated with the higher drug and alcohol addiction rates, increased suicide rates and post traumatic stress disorders resulting from abortions?”

“We always hear about the ‘right to choose’ for the mother. What about the baby in the womb? What about his or her right under the US Constitution to due process under the law and protection of his or her right to life? We have become a nation of irresponsible, legalists who murder babies by the tens of millions. God have mercy on those innocent souls of the yet-to-be-born. And God have mercy on those who stand by and do nothing.

Note: Mr. Steck is also the chairman of the Bristol Area Constitution Party Committee,, which is unique, because it serves the Constitution Party in two states, with outreach and activities in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia.


“Der Lussenheide” Reports A Bumper Crop
Of Candidates in California For The
American Independent Party in 2010!

Bill Lussenheide shown with Darrell Castle at a campaign event in California in 2008

“We will have with our 19 candidates the most candidates SINCE 1978, when the AIP ran 25 candidates. This is the best showing for the AIP in THIRTY TWO YEARS,” reports a very enthused Bill Lussenheide from California.

Bill, who serves on the Constitution Party’s National Executive Committee; the CP’s new national finance committee and who is an American Independent candidate in California’s 45th Congressional District, running against neo-con GOP incumbent Mary Bono Mack, is given deserved credit for recruiting most of the candidates who are running for office in California in 2010. Not only did Bill recruit most of our great California candidates, he also provided a great deal of information, logistical assistance and motivation to assist the great group of candidates who are now representing the American Independent Party and the Constitution Party in California in 2010. Bill Lussenheide is the poster child for hard work and dedicated service to our party and the cause freedom. They simply do not come any better!

But they sure are trying! Tom Fredriksen, of Eureka, CA has announced the formation of the “Redwoods Chapter” of the California Constitution Party in the north coast area of the Golden State. As a former state chairman of the AIP and party member since 1971 your editor can serve as witness to the fact that we never were able to develop (but always wanted to) an organization in this area. Now it’s happened and we couldn’t be more pleased. Please check out the great new website at

For more exciting news about California’s great Constitution Party endorsed AIP candidates, including the incomparable Chelene Nightingale, our gubernatorial candidate, go to:

Chelene’s campaignis almost moving too fast to keep up with. There is something new everyday! For example she will be the headline speaker in a bay area Campaign for Liberty event tomorrow, Friday, March 12, which takes place at the Sunnyvale Community Center, 550 E. Remington Dr. in Sunnyvale from 10AM to 8PM.

Below, Chelene is seen at a campaign appearance before a Law Enforcement Group. For more great photos of Chelene Nightingale out on the campaign trail go to:

For the latest information on the Nightingale Campaign please visit the campaign website at:

Finally, sad news from California as we must announce the passing of an old friend, Paul Meeuwenberg. Paul was an original member of the AIP in 1967 and was active in service to the party right up to this year with Los Angeles County Central Committee. Paul served as a state chairman of the AIP from 1998-2000 and previously ran for US Senate in 1992 and 1994. Paul was a high school classmate, in San Diego County with the founder of the American Independent Party, William K. Shearer, who also served as a chairman of the Constitution Party from 1996-1999, when it was known as the US Taxpayers Party. The American Indepdendent Party, over the years, particularly in its early years was the political home to many wonderful patriotic people who could each easily be described as “one of a kind.” Paul Meeuwenberg was one of them. Your editor is honored to have worked with him in the AIP vineyard for 39 years. He was a most dedicated servant for our cause. He will be missed.


Mayor Frank Gilbert for Governor On The
Constitution Party Ticket in Arkansas!

Recently we mentioned Mayor Gilbert’s campaign. Here is his campaign
website: There will be more news
from our Arkansas affiliate toward the end of the month.


Jan Johnson Shifts Campaign To Race
For Governor in New York

Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson of the New York State Constitution Party originally targeted one of the US Senate races in 2010 in New York as her 2010 campaign objective. However, she decided that the real reason she was running for office was to “clean up New York” and that she could better do that in Albany than in Washington D.C. and therefore has decided to seek the Constitution Party nomination for Governor in New York.
Jan has an extensive background in media and in the commercial business world in New York City.

Jan is a strong supporter of State Sovereignty and has signed the Tenth Amendment Pledge. She is also New York’s We the People candidate: “The politicians five us lip service and no accountability. The have looked the other way without listening to their constituents, paying homage to corporations and special interest groups, who push their own agendas. I know that our state and country needs to get back to basics and with the help of New Yorkers and, indeed, all Americans we can see this state and our great nation become physically and spiritually strong once again,” declared Jan Johnson in a recent campaign statement.

Recent developments indicate that there will be a strong united Constitution Party effort in New York in 2010 and it will be necessary to achieve the desired goals in New York. The Constitution Party nominee for Governor will play a very key role for the prospects of the national Constitution Party in 2012, in that it is the Governor’s race in New York which is critical in the party remaining on the ballot for the next four years. The candidate for Governormust receive 50,000 votes in the General Election in November for the party to maintain it’s ballot access for the next four years. Of course, before that the NYSCP will need to mobilize to get on the ballot so that it’s candidate for Governor will have the opportunity to maintain that ballot access.

Jan will be speaking on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the 11 A.M. morning service at ATLAH Ministries, Pastor James David Manning residing, 38 West 123rd Street (123rd & Lenox Avenue), ATLAH, New York 10027 regarding her candidacy for Governor of New York.


Update: Independent American Party, Nevada’s CP affiliate is now running 55 Candidates For Office!

Meet Tim Fasano, the IAP US Senate nominee:

-Excerpt from the Tim Fasano for US Senate website…(Courtesy Independent Political Report
“…I believe each and every citizen has a right to know what a candidate for public office stands for and how he would represent them. Please make no mistake about one subject. I am NOT a politician. Instead, I consider myself as a patriot, no different from any one of you. I am an American who is concerned and disgusted when I consider the state of our nation’s affairs and how we got to this point. In addition, I am equally concerned that the two major parties have consistently said many times over, and over many years, that a third party would be counter productive. On this topic I say, “look at the status of our nation’s affairs and who was/is responsible for getting us to this point?”
“Please, I encourage you to take the time and browse and explore my website .. I promise, you will know what I stand for and how I would represent you as Nevada’s next U.S. Senator. We have a great deal of work ahead of us across a broad range of issues. With God’s blessing and help, we will return our Republic to the principles of our Founding Fathers that have been proven over time to be the foundation to the greatest nation to ever exist on this Earth.”
And Last But Not Least:
Have You Made Your Plans To Attend the Spring Constitution Party National Conference To Get Your Campaign Training? With All These Great Candidates, We Need To Be Prepared Run Some Great Campaigns!
Get the details and registration form here:
Next issue: The Real Truth About The Constitution Party Of Missouri …and the truth is that they are smokin’ hot! The CP on fire in the Show Me State!

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