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March 19, 2010

News and Information March 19th 2010

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News and Information
-March 19, 2010-

Mary Starrett for Yamhill County Commissioner!

Mary Starrett

The Right Mary, The Right Choice for Yamhill County!

That’s right, our own Mary Starrett is the people’s choice in Yamhill County, Oregon to unseat the incumbent “liberal, big government Mary” and change the status quo and “ensure true transparency” in County Government. Mary Starrett’s candidacy and her campaign will offer a true challenge to “politics as usual” and will set the pace and lead the way for constitutionalist candidates all over America who will offering a real choice for the millions voters who are yearning to “ditch the ‘Big Government’ mentality that’s breaking the backs of tax payers.”

Mary Starrett is asking the same question in her race that Americans all over the country should be asking, “In the end we should be asking: Will we decide that we simply cannot afford lax oversight and fiscal irresponsibility for another four years along with the prevailing “Bigger Government is Better Government” mentality?”

Mary Starrett is running to win! She has important endorsements from elected officials, community leaders and organizations in Oregon. She has an excellent chance to win. The impact of her victory will NOT be limited to Yamhill County, Oregon, but will be felt and heard all across America! Every Constitution Party member, Tea Party supporter and American who values freedom and limited government should actively support Mary Starrett for Commissioner of Yamhill County. People living outside of Oregon CAN help by contributing to her campaign. If you wish to donate using your credit card, please visit the link below:

Mary Starrett for Yamhill County Commissioner

If you wish to send a donation by check, please make the check payable to “Friends of Mary Starrett” and send it to:

Friends of Mary Starrett
35775 NE Smith Rd
Newberg, OR 97132

We Are All Friends Of Mary Starrett!


Scott Bradley Runs For US Senate In Utah!

Scott Bradley

Former USU administrator runs for Senate
by Lee Davidson
Desert News

SALT LAKE CITY — Scott N. Bradley, a former Utah State University administrator, announced Tuesday that he is running for the U.S. Senate as a member of the Constitution Party.

Bradley, 58, also ran for the Senate in 2006 against Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. This year, Bradley joins a crowded field of five Republicans and two Democrats vying for the seat now held by Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah.
Bradley said he is running to restore the nation’s constitutional moorings and to push for restoration of a federal government whose powers are “few and well defined.”

He said, “I have grown weary of politicians who give lip service to the U.S. Constitution, drawing near to it with their lips, but their hearts are far from it in daily practice.”

He added, “The words of those who currently hold office are contradicted by their actions. If the nation is to be saved, many people must be willing to step forward” to restore constitutional principles.

Bradley has a bachelor’s degree from Westminster College, a master’s of public administration degree from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in constitutional law from George Wythe University.

Bradley hosts a weekly talk-radio show focused on the Constitution. He is also author of a book and DVD/CD lecture series titled, “To Preserve the Nation.”
(Important Note: Please visit the beautiful new Constitution Party 0f Utah state website and read the urgent message concerning Scott Bradley’s campaign from State Chairman Frank Fluckiger at Those wishing to support Scott Bradley’s campaign should make your checks payable to the Constitution Party of Utah or to the Scott Bradley for US Senate Campaign and mail them to the Constitution Party, P O Box 1215 Bountiful, UT 84010. Please do so without delay and pass this message on to others. The McCain-Feingold Act limits the amount of a donation from an individual to any Federal Candidate to $2,300.00. Also required is the donor’s occupation and employer. If the person is retired or self employed, he may simply so state that he is.)

Major Constitution Party News In Illinois!!
Illinois CP State Convention Results!

Michael White Randy Stufflebeam

Meet Michael White- the new CP nominee for Governor of Illinois! Randy Stufflebeam nominated to run for US Senate! CP runs full statewide slate and several local candidates in 2010! Jeff Trexler elected State Chairman!
(Below is Randy Stufflbeam’s Post-Convention Report)

The Constitution Party in Illinois held its state convention on March 12-13. On March 13, elections were held for party officers, statewide and district candidates. It is certainly with mixed emotions that after 5 years, I relinquish the reigns, but I am proud and honored to present to you our new officers who will lead our state party into the battle for the very souls of our state and our nation. I am confident that under the leadership of these capable people, the Constitution Party will take the field and deliver up victories!

Additionally, candidate elections were held following the election of our officers. For some of you, there will be a tremendous surprise in our candidate elections. Instead of becoming the official nominee for Governor of Illinois; I was elected as the official nominee for the office of U.S. Senate. This would have not been possible had it not been for Michael White who had previously been running as an Independent for Governor. With Michael seeking our nomination for Governor, we were actually able to strengthen our ticket far beyond anyone’s expectations (and maybe imaginations). I believe that Michael White will be destined to become a rising star within our party, our state and across the nation when we get him elected as the Constitution Party’s candidate for Governor of Illinois.

There is tremendous excitement here in Illinois. We have every intention of becoming the state to lead the nation in restoring constitutional boundaries to our state and to these United States of America!!

Please find the results and contact information below of every person that was elected at our state convention. These are names that I believe will become VERY familiar at the national level as they each make their own marks across the political landscape.

Note: Readers are particularly urged to review the excellent Michael White for Governor campaign website at
Illinois State Constitution Party Officers

Chairman: Jeff Trexler
Phone: (618) 203-4406
Address: 8974 Old Highway 13
Murphysboro, IL 62966

1st Vice Chairman: Ken Herringshaw
Phone: (630) 737-0973
Address: 1811 Four Lakes Ave., 1E
Lisle, IL 60532

2nd Vice Chairman: Gary Dunlap
Phone: (630) 333-7869
Address: 4780 Calvert Dr., D2
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4371

Secretary: Joyce Cotton
Phone: (618) 488-7471
Address: 1273 Bluebird Rd.
Sorento, IL 62086

Membership Secretary: Scott Kossak
Phone: (618) 949-5046
Address: 625 Benton Church Rd.
Grantsburg, IL 62943-2315

Treasurer: Steve Russell
Phone: (270) 217-4846
Address: 3634 Carson Ln.
Metropolis, IL 62960-3097

The Constitution Party of Illinois is overjoyed to announce to you our
“Full Slate of Candidates” for the Statewide Constitutional offices.

Office U.S. Senate
Candidate Randy Stufflebeam
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone: (618) 355-0737
Residence Belleville, IL

Office Governor
Candidate Michael White
Campaign Website
Residence Lindenhurst, IL

Office Lt. Governor
Candidate Jeff Trexler
Campaign Website TBA
Residence Carbondale, IL

Office Attorney General
Candidate Louis Cotton
Campaign Website TBA
Residence Sorento, IL

Office Secretary of State
Candidate Gary Dunlap
Campaign Website TBA
Residence Rolling Meadows, IL

Office Comptroller
Candidate Tim Becker
Campaign Website TBA
Residence Flossmoor, IL

Office Treasurer
Candidate Dawn Czarny
Campaign Website TBA
E-Mail TBA
Residence Lindenhurst, IL

Constitution Party candidates for
US and Illinois District Offices.
Office State Senate, 46th District
Candidate Brad Carter
Campaign Website
Residence Peoria, IL

Office U.S. Congress, 12th District
Candidate Christian Falconer
Campaign Website
Residence Murphysboro, IL

Office State Representative, 108th District
Candidate Robert McKerrow
Campaign Website TBA
E-Mail TBA
Residence Teutopolis, IL

Judge Roy Moore To Address Alabama State
Constitution Party Meeting Tomorrow!

The Constitution Party of Alabama’s Winter 2010 Executive Committee
Meeting will be held tomorrow, March 20th, from 11:00am-2:00pm at Lloyd’s Restaurant, Highway 280 in Birmingham, AL.

Judge Roy Moore will address the Constitution Party of Alabama central committee and party members from 11:30AM-12:00 Noon. The news has been well received by our state party members and attendance will be high. (There are less than 5 seats left, attendees must RSVP!!) Judge Moore is seeking the GOP nomination for Governor, where the Constitution Party has opted not to run a candidate.

The Constitution Party is targeting the 1st US House of Representatives District Seat with the candidacy of David Walter. A serious ballot access campaign is in progress to place the Constitution Party on the ballot in the 1st District and David Walter expects to run a competitive race and have a legitimate chance to be elected to Congress in 2010. For more information about David Walter’s Congressional and to find out how you can help his campaign, please go to:; or his Facebook page at:

Congratulations to State Chairman, Joshua Cassity and the Constitution Party of Alabama for an excellent effort and tremendous progress in 2010!

Candidates, Candidates, Candidates!!

The Constitution Party will have a record number of candidates across the country in 2010, with the greatest opportunity in our history to win elections. We’re not just “educating” the public any more. Times have changed and the conditions in our nation have changed. Now, our candidates and their campaign supporters (that’s you and me)–must be ready and able to persuade voters to vote for and elect our candidates to office. That is, we must be prepared to win! For many who are new to practical political campaigning, this will require adapting to a sharp and quick “learning curve,” in order to be prepared to compete effectively for votes in the upcoming election. This is what we are here for! This is our mission!

To that end, I want to encourage every single one of you to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to make your campaign a winner. That opportunity will avail itself to you on May 1, 2010 in Minneapolis at the Spring 2010 National Committee Meeting and Conference of the Constitution Party April 30 and May 1. The details can be found at: All Constitution Party candidates across America should plan on either personally attending or sending their campaign manager to the intensive all day Campaign and Fundraising Training Seminar presented by former Texas Congressman, Steve Stockman. What you learn at this training session may get you or the candidate you support elected to office!

Are you ready? What are you waiting for? Make your plans to be in Minneapolis today!!


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