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April 12, 2010

G. Edward Griffin Endorses Chelene Nightingale

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G. Edward Griffin Endorses Chelene Nightingale
For Governor of California!
“The Creature from Jekyll Island” author, filmmaker and lecturer throws
support behind Constitution Party endorsed gubernatorial candidate
Fresno, CA – Documentary filmmaker, author, and political lecturer, Mr. G. Edward Griffin has endorsed Chelene Nightingale For Governor of California in 2010.  Mr. Griffin’s best-selling book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” inspired Ms. Nightingale’s ‘End the Federal Reserve System’ viewpoint, as well as her liberty-minded political beliefs in general.  Both G. Edward Griffin and Chelene Nightingale spoke at the Central Valley Tea Party in Fresno, CA before a crowd of over 5,000 on Saturday, April 10th .  The extraordinary Mr. Griffin signed a Nightingale For Governor endorsement letter at the event. 
In addition to the endorsement, Chelene has joined G. Edward’s “Freedom Force International” and will be added to the Hall of Honor.  Other members of the Hall of Honor include Alex Jones, the late great Aaron Russo, Sheriff Richard Mack, Devvy Kidd, and former Constitution Party Presidential nominee, Howard Phillips. 
“I personally am humbled by Mr. Griffin’s kind endorsement,” shared Ms. Nightingale. “I have learned an incredible amount regarding politics through G. Edward’s eye-opening work.  Our entire campaign team is thrilled with the endorsement, especially since Mr. Griffin rarely endorses candidates.”
Although G. Edward Griffin normally does not endorse political candidates, he did write for the American Independent Vice-President Candidate, Curtis LeMay back in 1968.  Chelene is currently running for governor on the American Independent ticket on the California ballot.  The AIP is recognized by the National Constitution Party as its California affiliate.
After the tremendous endorsement, Ms. Nightingale took the oath to support and defend the United States Constitution.  The oath was conducted by Oathkeeper director, Dave Freeman.
Reports coming in from the Central Valley Tea Party event are that the Nightingale campaign booth received the most attention from Tea Party participants and that Chelene Nightingale, herself, received the most enthusiastic response during her speech of all of the Gubernatorial Candidates present, including multi-million dollar Republican candidate, Steve Poisner.  Nightingale secured a large amount of media attention at the event as well.
Chelene Nightingale, who is quickly becoming known as THE Tea Party candidate for Governor in California, will take her campaign to the northern California coast to the Tax Day Tea Party in Eureka on April 15.  For more information about the remarkable Nightingale for Governor Campaign, please visit:


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