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April 20, 2010

Merton D. Short For Ca Secretary of State

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-Tuesday, April 20, 2010-
-A Special Tribute Edition For A Special Candidate-
Merton D. Short
For California Secretary of State!
M.D. Short was the chairman of the  American Independent Party of California from 1990-92 when Howard Phillips was organizing the US Taxpayers Party, which would eventually become known as the Constitution Party.  It was largely due to the efforts of Chairman Short that  the American Independent Party of California became a charter state affiliate of the US Taxpayers Party in 1992.
M.D. Short has served twice has state chairman of the American Independent Party and has been its candidate for office on many occasions, including for the United State Senate.  He has consistently been one of the top vote getters and, in fact, received the largest vote of any AIP statewide candidate on one occasion.  This year, again, M.D. Short is representing the American Independent Party (and the Constitution Party) as a candidate for Secretary of State in California.  He is a proud supporter of Chelene Nightingale for Governor of California and is member of her Constitution Party endorsed slate of candidates for the American Independent Party primary election on June 8.  M.D. Short, himself, is unopposed in the primary, so it is not too early to say that he will be our nominee for Secretary of State in California in November. 
The following is the text of an address which M.D. Short gave at a recent Tea Party campaign event.  It speaks for itself and it speaks volumes about a man, and a candidate, of whom we can all be very proud!]

Merton D. Short
My name is Merton D. Short
I have been asked to campaign for California Secretary of State as the American Independent Party Candidate.
As most of the ills of our United States are the result of disobedience of our Constitution, my campaign will focus on my contribution in restoring our Constitutional Republic in compliance with our United States Constitution.
The American Independent Party is not new and years ago was on the ballot in all fifty states.  We are now affiliated nationally with the Constitution Party.  The tenets of the American Independent Party and the Constitution Party are essentially the reflection of what we are now enjoying as the reflection of what we are now enjoying as the Tea Party’s grass roots uprising and ground swell movement toward redeeming our country.
I became a member of the American Independent Party at its California State Convention in Sacramento in 1984.  As an example of disobedience to our Constitution I offer the following which was the key campaign issue when I ran for United Sites Senator in 1988 receiving the highest number of votes for our Party.
In 1910 a group of seven of the richest men in America assembled on Jekyll Island off Georgia’s coast and conceived the Federal Reserve System.  The plan was carried back to Washington by Senator Nelson Aldrich from Rhode Island.  It was ultimately passed into law and signed by President Wilson during the Christmas season in 1913 when most of the legislators had gone home for the holidays.
The unlawful and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, the FED, since 1913 has been economically disastrous to our country.  The 1913 dollar, then worth 100 cents, has now become a Federal Reserve Note managed by international bankers.  These current Notes are now worth less than a Nickel in the market place.
Fortunately there can be hope for the future.  In February I was invited to attend a meeting on Jekyll Island whose theme was “The Birth & Death of the FED”.  The keynote speaker was my long time friend, Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.  He is currently sponsoring legislation to audit the FED as a preliminary act in the death of the FED.
As twice State Chairman of the American Independent Party, and California candidate for the US Senate, I have offered my services to perpetuate our party.  We are now the largest and fastest growing Party in California.
So who am I?
I was born in the Ozark Hills of Missouri.  There were no hospitals for miles around, and I was born on my mother’s parent’s farm attended by the only doctor in this rural community.
My father worked in the local Farmer’s Bank of Cross Timbers, population about 200 residents.  He had built a small house to accommodate our small family of an older sister and me.  Before long, with a younger brother, my family moved to the next county north to live with my father’s parents who were farmers.  Here I started to school in a one room country school house.
Soon we moved to the near town of Warsaw, the county seat with population less than 1000.  From here my father went away to law school.  After law school he returned to Warsaw and established his law office.  Before I reached teenage my father died.  Since he had borrowed from his life insurance policy to attend law school we were left penniless upon his death.  In combination with the Great Depression I learned what it was like to be poor.  Somehow the family survived.
After graduating from Warsaw High School in 1941 I migrated to Kansas City hoping to enroll in radio and electronics school.  However, lacking sufficient funds for this school, I went to work for Hall Brothers Greeting Card Company, now Hallmark.  In Kansas City when I came out of a Sunday  matinee movie I learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Soon thereafter one of the greatest breaks of my life happened.  By chance, in a music store in Kansas City, my high school music teacher met the Wichita University director of music.  From that meeting I was awarded a music scholarship at WU where I played the snare drum in the ROTC marching band and the University Symphony.  The scholarship included room and board as well as a part time job at Boeing Wichita during noon and evening meals.
While at WU I joined the Naval Aviation Cadet Program.  Almost immediately after my enlistment the flight program pipeline became full, and my call up as a cadet was delayed.  Since I was studying aeronautical engineering at the university, I was now hired full time at Boeing as a teenage  engineering draftsman.  This allowed me to climb in and on the first production model of the B-29 super fortress bomber aircraft.  This also afforded me the opportunity to witness the first flight of the B-29.
When I received my commission in the Navy and received my Wings of Gold, I took an oath swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Today that oath is reinforced by the similar oath of the American Legion.  As Commander of Post 673 of Durham, California, I lead my comrades in solemnly reciting the similar preamble at every formal meeting.
Trained as a navy fighter pilot flying Grumman Wildcats, I was destined for a composite squadron of fighters and Grumman torpedo bombers based on a Jeep carrier in the Pacific.  At the end of WWII I was accepted into the Regular Navy.  Subsequent duty included jet instructor, jet fighter pilot, Navy Flight Test Pilot and candidate for the first manned space program as an Astronaut.  My Navy career peaked when I became Commanding Officer of an A4 Skyhawk squadron whose mission was nuclear weapons delivery into the Soviet Union.  Fortunately, that mission was never accomplished.  My last sea tour was carrier based Strike Operations Officer during the early phases of the Vietnam conflict.
So what does all of this have to do with being California’s Secretary of State?  In my humble opinion, considerable.
After I hung up my military suit I became involved in upper management of two international aviation oriented corporations maintaining my flying credentials and interest in aviation and space.
In the political arena as twice chairman of a significant political party I have enjoyed a close relationship with the California Secretary of State’s Office.  This mutual respect, particularly with its Elections Office, commenced with the founding of the American Independent Party. 
My goal as California’s Secretary  of State will be to increase significantly the registered voting population with a constitutionally informed electorate.
M. D. Short: A Candidate Of Whom The
Constitution Party Can Be Very Proud!


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