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April 23, 2010

Amnesty-NO!…Border Control-YES!

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Amnesty-NO!…Border Control-YES!
by Jim King
Candidate for Lt. Governor of California and properly elected
Chairman of the American Independent Party of California
Now that the largest enlargement in the growth of our government of “healthcare reform”  that includes one sixth of our economy has been shoved down the throat of unwilling americans; we await the so called immigration reform push.  Up to as many as 20 million illegal aliens await in the wing for a “pathway to citizenship” to reward them for breaking our laws.
There seems to be no discussion about protecting our borders where all this illegal activity goes on.  Of particular concern is a small sector of the Mexican border know as the Tucson and Yuma sector.  Half of all illegal aliens are caught in these sectors of the border and it is estimated that at least half of all illegal drug seizures along this border are accomplished in this small area.
These events have made living along this segment of the border of ranchers and citizens an unpleasant living hell.
A terrible example of this has been rancher Robert Krentz, a 58 year old rancher found murdered while working his long time family property near this very dangerous area.  This rancher had a reputation for helping wanderers in the border lands, despite his own numerous victimizations by lawbreakers
The grieving Krentz family issued a formal statement requesting President Obama immediatley order deployment of the active U.S. military to the Arizona/New Mexico border.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer echoed this request.  President Obama has lent a deaf ear to this along with many of our elected representatives.  Arizona Senator John McCain finally came around and has requested federal troops.  This reverses his stand of many years about border security.
The answer to these developments is not amnesty.  Illegal immigration is the symptom of the problem; it is not the problem.  A corrupt Mexican government that stifles free enterprise encourages these illegals to cross the border to America for a better quality of life.  This has encouraged drug cartel warfare that has spilled across our border.  We inherit this problem of illegal aliens coming across our border by the millions.  Despite this our government turns a deaf ear to good people like the Krentz family and millions of patriotic citizens who wish to guard our land from this invasion of illegal aliens and the illegal drugs they bring with them.
What kind of a government would not stand up for its citizens rights and protect its borders?  The Krentz family and millions of other Americans deserve better.  One of our great leaders of recent past said something to the effect “a nation that cannot control its borders will cease to be a nation”.  This is so true.  Let’s remain a great nation and stand up for our country.
Amnesty is a emphatic NO.
Control our borders, keep them safe and maintain this great country is a emphatic YES.


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