Redwoods District – Constitution Party


The Redwood Chapter of the Constitution Party is responsible for the area north of Napa to the Oregon Border.  Basically the Redwood belt and North Coast of California.  If you have a question about the Constitution Party in general,  or our organization here on the  California North Coast,  we would be happy to talk with you.    I encourage everyone interested in the Redwoods Chapter of the  Constitution Party to sign up via our sidebar to receive notifications of announcements, meetings, rallies etc.  Your information is not given or transmitted to anyone and used only to notify you of events as they are posted on the site.


The Constitution Party is the third largest political party in the United States.  With over 300,000 registered ( growing and voting) party members right here in the state of California.   The Constitution Party is Pro-life and Pro-Constiution.  Our chapter exists as a vehicle to organize party members on the North Coast of California and support party candidates in both local California and National elections.

CONTACT:  Tom Fredriksen, Chairman Redwood Chapter  by either email, or by phone at (707)702-1776 , Eureka Ca.

SPEAKER REQUESTS:  If you desire a speaker for your event, please contact our local Chairman.

EMAIL UPDATES:   Join our email list and receive updates, meetings on our local chapter.  Just fill out the subscribe link in the sidebar.


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